Our God Never Changes!

For over 30 years, the Lord has spoken to Bruce and Connie countless times and about various topics, using the vehicle of heavenly dreams and visions.  Through them, He has addressed everything from conviction of sin, to protecting them from people with evil intentions, to giving precepts for healing, to showing them how to fix their lawn mower, to where to invest money.  You name it and it seems like He’s spoken about it through this amazing "Last Day's" promise of heavenly dreams and visions (Acts 2:17).  

Are you interested in discovering how you can hear the voice of God through your own dreams and visions?    Would you like to learn how to understand what your dreams may be saying to you?   Using the Bible as their plumb line of reference, Bruce and Connie will teach you:         
  •         How to learn the night language of the Lord.

  •         How to recognize a heavenly dream or vision.

  •         How the Gifts of the Spirit function in dreams.

  •         How to respond to your dreams or visions.

  •         The Biblical meanings found in symbolism.  

  •         Examples of modern day dreams and visions.

If you’re interested in having Bruce or Connie speak at your church, retreat, or ministry, or would like further information, please complete the form on the Contact Us page.  
To purchase their book, Heavenly Dreams and Visions, click on the following link:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/0989881407

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