The Book

   What Are You Dreaming About?

by Bruce and Connie Vyverberg

In Old Testament times, God often used the vehicle of dreams (while asleep) and visions (while awake) to make His will known.  Today, Christians are divided on whether or not God still does speak through dreams and visions.  Many believe that God given dreams and visions are an extraneous Biblical subject; meaning one that is not important, valid or relevant to our everyday life.  Because of this, the teachings on heavenly dreams and visions are often discarded in favor of other Bible topics considered more worthy of our attention.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.   Instead, we need to understand their intended purpose through the Lord’s eyes rather than just our own.

It is important for us to know that there are things the Lord desires to say to us that we may not have sufficient spiritual capacity or maturity to receive outside of this supernatural means of heavenly dreams and visions.  Like a college professor trying to explain “rocket science” to a child, our natural minds are unable to receive or understand certain things the Lord may want to say.  However, because of HIS great wisdom, He has alternative ways in which He can communicate understandably to us.  While asleep and when our natural defenses and thinking are shut down, He can speak a message through the avenue of dreams.  I know of no better time.  It is truly incredible and ingenious of HIM!  He does so for our benefit as well as for His Kingdom.

Do you recall the story of how the Lord used a heavenly dream to inform Joseph that Mary was pregnant by the Holy Spirit and that the dream also instructed him to go ahead and take her as his wife?  Can we even imagine having such a heavenly dream?  Do you remember that it was through a heavenly dream that the Lord warned the Wise Men to return home by another route?  Because the wise men paid attention to their heavenly dream, Jesus’ life was spared.  The Lord spoke once again to Joseph in another dream and guided him to take Jesus and Mary and escape to Egypt.  Joseph promptly obeyed his divine dream and Jesus’ life was saved once again.  There are many more Bible examples of God given dreams and visions that we could explore further. (See Matthew chapters 1 & 2).

Although the Lord speaks to us through His written Word, we can also benefit richly by hearing Him speak to us in our dreams.  We need to recognize that our 8 nighttime hours are a perfect time for Him to speak un-interrupted.  Although it is understood that not all dreams are from God, many could most certainly be.  It is up to each individual to learn and embrace these Biblical truths, because the messages He imparts to us can be life changing.

Far more importantly however, is His desire to have a relationship with all of us in this unique way because, contrary to what many believe, heavenly dreams and visions are far from being extraneous doctrine:  Not when the Lord is doing the talking!  The only question is…Will we allow, welcome and even invite Him to do so?  Listening to and then responding correctly to our heavenly dreams and visions is a GRAND opportunity to be partakers of the out-pouring of His Spirit in these last days.  Won’t you at least give Him a try?  

Sweet Dreams! 

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